Oh Holy Night!

I think most Christians are pretty familiar with the Christmas story. Maybe even a little too familiar if we’re being honest, but no matter how familiar I feel with the story I’m always amazed at how everything changed the moment Jesus was born. I’m even more amazed to think that it was one of the most significant events in history, yet most of the world was sleeping while it happened with no clue how they now had a new hope and new future available through his birth. I mean think about it, no matter how broken or wicked our world may be today or may become in the future we will never know what it was like to not have the hope and ability for peace that was brought into the world the moment that Jesus was born. We will never know what it feels like to live in a world without a savior.

No matter how weary we may feel from the pressures of our lives it’s nothing compared to what the people felt in a world without a savior to bring them hope. They were stuck in their sin with no way to escape because without Jesus a righteous life was completely unattainable. But because Jesus was willing to come to earth we have hope. Christmas is a reminder that Jesus was willing to leave the beauty and comfort of heaven and come into our broken world for no other reason than to be with us. To experience all of the aspects of life, from the beginning to the end, with us and to bring us peace and joy that couldn’t be found anywhere else or in any other way. It really was a holy night that finally allowed the weary world to rejoice!

I hope that you can reflect on and experience the peace, joy, freedom, and hope that Jesus brings this Christmas season and throughout the year!

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